Front Sway Bar for FTO swapped out CE Mirage?


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Hi Guys,
I'm new here and new to front wheel drive, but I'm an old fart that used to rally RX3's many many years ago.
So..... I have just purchased an FTO swapped out CE Mirage racecar to do some club motorsport with my son.
My first impressions after our first event last weekend was that the thing is fantastic and we did the event with a broken front sway bar.
After much research I still am unsure what bar I currently have and I can't find any aftermarket ones.
I've tried to find a CE Lancer/Mirage to look under to see if a standard bar will fit but I live and work rural so no luck.

Here's what I know:-

it's an 18mm bar (as is the rear)
link ends mount to the struts
hubs are 5 stud
brake calliper mountings are 130mm

Because I'm doing both dirt and tar racing I don't wanna go too big and induce more understeer.

Can anyone tell me what bar will fit or where I can source one please?
Any help much appreciated... .thanks



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I've run both the FTO 16mm and the Lancer/Mirage 18mm.
Hadn't noticed a difference between the two.

The FTO swaybars connects to the struts though not the lower control arms like in a Mirage.
This means that due to leverage and motion ratio the 16mm is as effective or more effective than the 18mm.

Another thing to note is unless your struts have the provision for the swaybar then you won't be able to run it.
I believe most afermarket coilovers should have this provision as some models Mirages (overseas) had swaybars connected to the struts.


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if the bar is connecting to the strut, thats a FTO bar. so likely someone has taken everything possible from a FTO and put it in your CE.

being 18mm it might be a Version R swaybar? maybe?
you could always get a stock non version R type swaybar, it should be acceptable...heck itll be better than a broken one! cusco might make aftermarket ones?


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Thanks guys, yeah looking like an FTO bar as it does connect to the struts.

copy paste this into google search: "front swaybar" (with out the " " )

youll find some option from whiteline, ultra racing and cusco. im not sure if any are still in production, but it should point you in the right direction.


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The Version R FTO front swaybar does not connect to the struts, it connects to the LCA and is 20mm.

I have a Whiteline FTO front swaybar if you're interested.
It is 18mm adjustable


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Yes it is an FTO type and it connects to the struts.
I also have a stock FTO one but I might hold onto it as I might need it