Front lower control arms


hey crew, has anyone on here replaced their front lower control arms or had them off and had to re-install them.

In the middle of the process and I'm at a standstill I have spent hours trying to get the smaller bolt at the very rear it's the size seventeen to line up on both sides it's out.

Has anyone had this issue or is there a trick to get it to line up so I can put this bloody lancer back together.

Thanks in advance for any help thrown at me


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Hey mate, I’ve done these a few times now. It can be a bit fiddly going back into the car. Try to fit the rear bolt first. Obviously you need the front smaller bush in place, but dont put the bolt in. Dont put the ball joint into the hub.

You will likely need a pry bar and a mallet to assist. A second person never hurt either. Be sure to thread the rear bolt in straight, easy to cross thread a bolt like that in anger.

Are you fitting standard replacement arms/bushes?


My thread with some pictures that probably wont help.

Also I’m guessing you got a manual? With the autos you have lift the gearbox up to clear the centre bolt from memory. Pry bar was very useful there.
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