Whiteline swaybars in stock


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Fresh stock from Whiteline.
The best suspension modifcation you can do to your car. Especially if your model does not have a rear swaybar adding one will make a world of a difference.
Take it from me. Ive had to do a custom swaybar install because my 18mm bar was not large enough for my application (if anybody noticed my car at the last track day lifted the rear inside wheel at hard corners, alot of push understeer when this occurs) and in the mean time I just took off the 18mm and ran nothing.
Handling was terrible.
Its good for turning (like at maccas drive thru), BUT terrible for taking corners.

In stock for
Lancer CC
Lancer CE
Mirage CE

PM for more info/prices


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Hen, you mentioned on a different forum about having some swaybar brackets as well, would you have pics of them?

And, a bit off topic but maybe you would know, I have a superpro rear trailing arm bush and thinking of going from 4 to 5 stud hence need a new trailing arm. Would I be able to remove and reuse my current superpro bushes, or would I need to purchase new ones?


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#yolo ill order one on wensday man. Can you Pm me your Email or something to sort out payment man?

EDIT: thought this was a new post my bad.