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    I'm having trouble keeping track of everything and not every bit of information I come across or need to store is worth having its own thread or doesn't really even fit in with any other threads. So I thought it was time to put some bits together and label them so that A) I can find this again and B) these things will show up in the search for anyone chasing odd info. Feel free to add your own

    - Standard on the ES Lancer Wagons from 2004 on were 275mm front Disc’s, Rear 262mm Disc’s, rear stabiliser bar, and white faced VRX dash gauges.
    - CS lancers have a lot in common with Evo7-9. Parts such as seats, steering wheels & instrument clusters ect are interchangeable. Despite the similarity, most body parts are not interchangable.
    - There is little room inside the CH wheel arches for wider/taller wheels than the VRX wheels take up
    - The 4G94 is a stroked 4G93; the heads(w/valvetrain) are interchangable as are the exhaust & intake manifolds.
    - Autos are all 4 speed
    - Manuals are all 5 speed

    Lancer Body Harness Diagram (From Mitsu Workshop Manual)


    Suspension Diagram showing Control arms, links for front and rear

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    Timing Marks 4G69

    Crank sensor wheel dot alligns with the line on the block. Under oil pump bolt.

    Second Counter balance shaft. White dot alligns with the triangle mark in the block, to the left. This picture is of an out of time shaft.

    Inside the motor 4G69

    Tiny rods
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    4g94 powered vehicles came with a passive key, like the CE. Very simple, unopenable blade with a chip.

    4g69 powered vehicles came with a different key. A two button remote central locking key was standard. It is made of 4 components. Blade. Imob/starter chip (passive). Plastic body/housing. Remote locking chip (active/battery operate).

    It is common for the 4g69 keys to break under normal use, due to flimsy design. I recommend a rubber case. It is also common for the tiny imob/starter chip be lost if the key does begin to fall apart. Frequently people will drop a key, “put it all back together” and then the car doesnt start. It is very likely the chip is missing.

    Note, the imob and central locking work independently - ie one can be fine and the other inoperable. If your car does not start, no need to replace the key battery, as the imob chip is not related to the circuit board with the battery in it.

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