Possible to install safc onto 4g15 map sensor

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Spooling 4g15, May 16, 2019.

  1. Spooling 4g15

    Spooling 4g15 New Member

    Hi guys have a 2002 lancer 4g15..looking to install safc for turbo conversion.. Do they work with the map sensor looking at runing 10 psi through a t28 thanks guys
  2. Spooling 4g15

    Spooling 4g15 New Member

    Pretty please any one?
  3. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Apexi safc's are pretty old nowadays, but they were installed on the CE 4g15 without issue.
  4. Spooling 4g15

    Spooling 4g15 New Member

    What's out there that dose the same job now days hahaha... So I presume it wires up to the map sensor same as the maf wiring

    XxOLIVERxX Member

    Unsure about safc and map sensors. i think maybe the later ones support both.. would have to research to confirm tho.

    If you can make friends with someone that has a "Ecuflash AUDM 4g15 XML file" they could send you the files so you can tune via laptop.
    you need a cable to connect called tactrix openport 2.0 roughly $250. + some free software.
    much better option than a safc. but i personally do not have this file. only 4g93 stuff...

    by tuning the stock ecu you can correctly account for the larger injectors you will need. as well as alot more control over the whole thing.

    lookup ecuflash
  6. Spooling 4g15

    Spooling 4g15 New Member

    Xxoliverxx great info mate I had no idea a 2002 ce lancer was able to be flashed I'll definitely get some gear together and do this properly... Is it basicly grab the software grab th parts to make it flash able and give it to a dyno tuner?

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