headlights going dim

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by dj_lindzy, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. dj_lindzy

    dj_lindzy New Member

    hey guys while in driving along my headlights are dim then when i get off the accelerator they brighten up until i get on the gas again! i recently inslalled fog lights and they dont do it im guessing because there on separate loom any ideas? ive checked the earth connection and fuses etc
  2. Zipper

    Zipper Member

    Mine do the same, I haven't worried about it but would love to know what it is.
  3. dj_lindzy

    dj_lindzy New Member

    Yeah it’s not a massive issue but I knew someone else’s would be the same. I wonder if it’s the relay
  4. Steve99

    Steve99 Active Member

    Only thing I could think of is either you might need a new battery. Or alternator?
    Don’t think relays would cause issue like that
    But if it’s not a major problem I wouldn’t stress

    My lights dim when I open or close the windows. Maybe it’s a lancer thing lel
  5. dj_lindzy

    dj_lindzy New Member

    Had the alternator rewound just after I brought the car and still the same so my battery die a few weeks back and the lights were still the same. So none of those are the issue unfortunately
  6. Steve99

    Steve99 Active Member

    Are the connections in the battery clean and not covered in dirt.
    When did you replace the bulbs last?
    Have you had the voltages checked. Maybe your making more than 12v or so. Or less

    What about when you rev when the car is in neutral? Does it dim and brighten?
  7. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    So its dim when the engine/alternator is under load, but lights up when off load?
  8. dj_lindzy

    dj_lindzy New Member

    Not sure if it does it in neutral I’ll have to check that.
    Bulbs are about 2 mths old, checked and cleaned earth on battery aswell as checking all the fuses and the body to motor earth
  9. dj_lindzy

    dj_lindzy New Member


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