Gear ratios for 4G69 CH?

Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by Spetz, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I've not been able to find the gear ratios and FD for the Lancers with a 4G69.

    Does anyone have this info?
  2. Jimmib

    Jimmib Member

    Auto or Manual?
  3. frosty7

    frosty7 Active Member

    Final drive is 4.0 t 1 as far as I remember will look into it further.
  4. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Manual please.

    The F5M42 manual does not have the 4G69 transmission codes in there... Not sure if there is a newer pdf version available somewhere that includes it?
  5. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I thought the F5M42 had a final drive ratio of 3.722 ?
    And ratios of
    1st ..... 3.583
    2nd ... 1.947
    3rd ... 1.379
    4th ... 1.030
    5th ... 0.767

    I wrote these down years ago, cant remember where i got info from?? maybe right
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  6. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Those are generic ratios, and the F5M42 transmissions came with a variety of ratios and final drives.
  7. Alex_96

    Alex_96 Member

    1st: 3.583
    2nd: 1.947
    3rd: 1.379
    4th: 1.030
    5th: 0.820
    Reverse: 3.363
    Final: 4.058

    You're welcome.

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