Evo 4 5 6 Bootlid for CE lancer coupe

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Zach CE Lancer, May 10, 2019.

  1. Zach CE Lancer

    Zach CE Lancer New Member

    Hi all,

    I own a 2002 CE coupe and i know that Evo 4-5-6 boot lids are swappable pieces on these 2 variants, however I cant find any anywhere in Australia, the only boots I'm finding are in the UK and USA with massive shipping costs, does anyone know a better alternative???
  2. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

  3. Steve99

    Steve99 Active Member

    Might be cheaper to look for a 1997-1998 Ce GLi boot. If you want reflectors get some off eBay. You will pay for the “evo” tax. Be easier to get a boot from a non evo
    And I agree don’t get an evo wing. But cheaper way would be get the boot from a gli-glxi-mr coupe.

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