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Discussion in 'CA-CC Lancers' started by lancerJohn, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    I'm in the middle of swapping a 4g93p into my lancer cc 4g93 1.8 and just want to know if there is anyone else who has any advice or has come across any hiccups?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Advice before you drop it in:

    Check ALL of your timing components, harmonic balancers, water pump, belts, tensioners, and make sure all the timing marks are still there. The nightmare I've had so far is that each of mine has systematically broken off so it took ages to find top dead centre, cams were retarded instead of advanced or neutral and I can't set a base idle because there's no timing marks to use. Which means ANOTHER new harmonic balancer. So all I'm gonna say is overhaul that entire system before you drop it in because if 1 thing goes wrong, BANG your engine is dead. Apart from that the engine has been fine, you're probably gonna wanna reseal the entire head though so new gaskets all round, new rear main seal, new seals on anything and everything, make it tight.

    Also the o2 sensor on a 4g93p is on the flex pipe not the exhaust manifold, so you're gonna need to either use your stock manifold and run a longer O2 sensor or add a new sensor to your existing exhaust if you're not using the flex pipe from the Proton. Also your reverse lights won't work after the swap, gonna need to wire them in as well.
  3. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    I'm rebuilding the 4g93p with bigger better parts running on E85 N/A so should be fine. just in the middle of trying to get my hands on a gsr evo cc gearbox and locking it for front wheel drive.

    Any ideas where I would be able to get my hands on one?
  4. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    any reason you're not using your stock CC box? It's fine up until 150+ kW
  5. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser


    Otherwise 4gtuner may have what you're after.
  6. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    The CC box was a auto and was just looking to see what would fit and found out the Evo box was the best but decided to use the box out of the Proton engine that's in my Lancer now 4G93P
  7. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Out of curiosity, what are you changing to suit NA E85? 95% of build threads I read that run corn juice without forced induction dont bother swapping anything, unless youre going super high compression, as the Proton engine is already a high compression engine?

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