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Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by distnz, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. distnz

    distnz Member

    Hi All,

    Quick question.. In this photo: [​IMG]

    Infront of the cup holders, below the shifter bezel piece is that little rectangular three slot coin holder thingy. Any ideas how to remove it at all? I wanna mount my sub remote down there :p
  2. mike92

    mike92 New Member

    Take the whole center console out and have a look. There are a few screws in the storage bin behind cup holders...and also 2 grommets on the sides of it in the foot wells. the whole thing should then lift up from the back.

    Havnt removed the coin thing before...but i might be screwed/clipped in underneath so this is your best bet.
  3. ABS

    ABS Active Member Premium Member

    Hey that's my center console pic lol. Where'd you find it?

    Yeah you can remove the cup holders but they come in one piece with the coin slot.
    I have an Evo 8 cup holder part without the coin slot, it has the on/off switch for the intercooler or something but it's removable and larger than the coin slot. Let me know if your interested
  4. magnats

    magnats Member

    I think it clips or screws in from underneath. pull the centre console out and take a look.
    there are 2 screws in inside the back end usually under the rubber mat and the front it held by clips.
    it is easy to pull out. if you need photos it will have to wait till I get home from work.
  5. distnz

    distnz Member

    Lol yeah it is, it was on another post in here, it was too late and cold for me to be bothered going to my own car to take a photo and it was just sitting there begging to be used :p

    I'll pull it apart at the weekend and see what ive got to work with, ill keep in mind your part tho.

  6. ABS

    ABS Active Member Premium Member

    no worries, its cool. :D

    This is what I mean about the Evo cupholder with the larger hole for a switch instead of coin slot

    you can see the screws that remove the cupholder here
  7. Mr_LanRydar

    Mr_LanRydar Member

    I had that on my lancer CE coupe as well, the square is for a not a on off switch but for a push button switch for the intercooler spray that jets water out onto the intercooler
  8. distnz

    distnz Member

    Sweet. Ill see how things go. Looking at the size of the bass remote vs the coinslot they look like they may be a near perfect match so fingers crossed

    the remote is this:
  9. 123esproc

    123esproc Member

    Post up pics for us once installed :p or do a tech doco xD love good tech docos lol
  10. 123esproc

    123esproc Member

    Post up pics for us once installed :p or do a tech doco xD love good tech docos lol
  11. ABS

    ABS Active Member Premium Member

  12. 123esproc

    123esproc Member

    Yeah yeah what he said xD lol
  13. StarGrinder

    StarGrinder Member

    dremel :p
  14. HMHAMz

    HMHAMz Member

    Oh thats the exact same controller as my cadence sub amp, will be interested to see the results :)
  15. distnz

    distnz Member

    Hmm so pulled it apart at the weekend.... it was a no go. Did find an even better place tho, and now it almost looks stock....

  16. 123esproc

    123esproc Member

    That's good thinkin bro!! +1 for thinkin lol
  17. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    CheetahSpeed (Jake) New Member

    can i have the CUP HOLDER lol... i dont have one rip
  18. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Lol that post was from 2013.

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