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Hey guys,

So with the hoodies ordered I enquired about the price for T-shirts.

I can do a royal blue or black t-shirt with the logo from the front of the hoodie in white.

Pricing will be $25 posted for premium members or $30 for regular members (minus $10 from prices if you already have a hoodie on order). I need numbers and payment by the end of this week to be able to add them to the order of hoodies.

If interested send payment to the following bank account:
Name: ***
BSB: ***
Account #: ***

Send me a PM then with your size and colour of shirt and also your address.



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I've paid $60 for hoodie and am picking up instead of posted. So can I also pick up a M shirt instead of getting a refund?


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Cheers guys, details updated!!

Orders to date:
haydos-24mirage - M - Black
Stormtrooper - M - Blue
lowndes fan1 - L - Blue
Daytime - L - Blue
jkirkness - XL - Black
Skippy - XL - Black


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I've ordered the following extras which will be on sale like the rest of our merch:

3 off M Royal Blue
1 off L Royal Blue
2 off XL Royal Blue

3 off M Black
3 off L Black
2 off XL Black

No rush for people to commit but it will be a first in first served basis...

ETA of 2-3 weeks until I get the goods.