Any idea what I can do with the body???

Discussion in 'CA-CC Lancers' started by lancerJohn, May 16, 2017.

  1. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    1494899431401-599533980.jpg 149489948227630352869.jpg Hey everyone just quick update on my project!

    It's coming along really great and haven't come across that much problems at all.

    I will upload some recent photos of my project below.

    Now just trying to look into and contemplating on getting the EVO front end swap or wide body kit or anything at all.

    Please comment on any ideas, anyone may have done and can buy off the shelf or custom?

    The car is a 1993 Lancer GLXI cc coupe.

    Thanks regards John.

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  2. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    The JDM Asti CA4A came out with a factory bodykit (something like the CE MR one basically) which I'd say is the best option if you can somehow get it.

    Alternatively even though I hate CE sedan/coupe conversions I think the CC one actually looks really good:
  3. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    What if I was to get some type of a aftermarket body kit for the bonnet, flares and front bar of a Evo 3?

    Would have to agree with you there, the CC coupe looks awesome compare to the CE and that.
  4. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    IMO the best look for a CC Coupe is the GLXi front bar with a lip, Evo3 copied skirts and rear pods with no spoiler
  5. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    Can you post any photos?
  6. cesario

    cesario Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

  7. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    What's the chances of getting my lancer AWD these days???
  8. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    How deep are your pockets?
  9. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    Deep enough.

    But only asking. Don't believe I would go to that extent.
    And was just trying to find ideas for the body for my lancer. I think I'll look into swapping the front for a Evo aftermarket body kit.

    What do you guy's think?

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  10. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    AWD conversion if you DIY it would be around the 5-10k mark if you include the engine and box conversions. You might be able to find a crashed CC GSR for cheap and do it that way. If you're paying someone it'd be cheaper to buy an Evo.

    That bodykit won't fit as its for a CE sedan. Have a look at the threads Ces posted.
  11. lancerJohn

    lancerJohn New Member

    Oh true... thanks for letting me know.

    I got my hands on these. What do you think?

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