2004 VRX aftermarket Exhaust

Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by Lbatg, May 19, 2019.

  1. Lbatg

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    Hey guys, Got an 04 VRX im looking to put an aftermarket exhaust on but im having a bit of trouble tracking down a seller. Im looking to do a cat back install and maybe a set of extractors. Looking to get a bit if a rumble from it but not have it sound like crap Does anyone know any sites that sells them at a decent price?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. donki

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    Unfortunately bolt on parts were not very common for any of the Lancer series, with the exception of the Evo.

    That being said, off-the-shelf extractors (from $200-500) and having the rest as a custom exhaust (from $300-600) would still be around the same price as what any other car's system could be.
  3. wagonmaster

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    Too true, not that much available for the ch’s aftermarket, even worse for my Ch Wagon, exhaust shop up this way just slaps anything on, says she will sound good, most sound crappy. I would like a deep mid range rumble like on the old Lukey mufflers had from the 70’s, I guess sedan and wagon exhausts should sound similar, be interesting to see what you come up with I guess, be nice to hit the nail on the head first time round.

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