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  1. Skippy

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    If you have a question about:
    • Rims
      Anything To Do With Those round things that spin to make you go forward

    This is to avoid making different threads everytime someone has a question (Seen 3 in the last week)

    Also any information posted in here I will start adding to the respected wiki page for the information.

    Just thought this might be a good thing to add to the start of this thread to give everyone a better understanding of what info they have/need to have before you get too lost in the world of numbers. Bit of a Wheels 101 ty Mods

    NB When changing your wheel/tyre combo it is important to similarly match the original diameter of your standard wheels.
    - Your wheels are a part of the final drive, the last "gear" in the car and this will effect your speedometers accuracy as well as acceleration and top speed by using a different outer diameter.

    For the sake of keeping it simple going to be using the stock base model CE size wheel/tyre as an example

    Tyre Size Found on the Tyre Sidewall

    175 Tyre Width in MM
    70 Aspect Ratio (Used to calculate the height of your sidewall)
    R Tyre Construction - All tyres now for the road are Radial (R)
    13 Rim Diameter in Inches
    82 Load rating (How many KG the tyre can withstand) You'll need a chart like THIS to understand what your number means
    T Speed Rating (Max speed capable of the tyre) again you'll need THIS chart (or similar) to understand what your letter means


    Rim Size Found on the inside of the wheel often on the back of a spoke

    5 Rim Width in Inches
    J Rim Flange Style
    13 Rim Diameter in Inches
    ET37 Offset in MM (Also prefaced by IS instead of ET by some wheel manufacturers)

    Different manufacturers use different methods and orders of stamping and labeling as seen in the picture below. The code in this is even written on separate spokes. Your best bet is to try and find any numbers that look similar to the code written above.
    (Mirage stockies weren't marked, these are my CH Enkei's)

    Random bits of info to note (Feel free to add)

    * To find the thickness of your side wall in MM multiply the width by the ratio and then divide by 100
    - ie (175 x 70) รท 100 = 122.5MM
    * By keeping the exact same offset with wider rims, the wheels will be exactly half the extra width either side of your current wheels.
    * At an offset of 0 your rim will poke exactly half of its width either side of the hub.
    * Positive offset puts more of the wheel inside the car
    * Negative offset pokes more of the wheel outside the car

    (Pic via www.lesschwab.com)

    Will I scrub?

    A method I like to use is a thorough visual inspection by using your current wheels as a base.
    Firstly, lift up one corner of your car, best to do one front and one rear to see how both ends of the car line up.
    Mark the center of your tyre width with chalk.
    You can use a tape measure for visually inspecting poke and clearances by first calculating the difference in the two offsets to find the 'center'of the new rim.
    Lets say currently you have an offset of +40 and the new wheels are +20, you would measure and mark
    20mm towards the inside of the car from the center of your current wheel.
    This second mark is the effective centre of your new wheels.
    (New tyre centre demo)
    Take half of the width of your new rim and lay your tape measure that distance for the centre to either outside of the wheel.
    This is a rough but near accurate estimate of how your new rims will sit on the car

    An adaption to this is using measured length of dowel cut to the new rim width. The centre of this can be taped to the second mark you made on the current tyre - with that wheel raised off the ground you can rotate freely to inspect any clearances. If you have a second jack, you can raise the wheel back into the arch at ride height and freely turn the wheel to inspect clearance better.

    (Tape measure under car - too hard to show this in the wheel arch with the car on the ground)

    (1" Poke with a tape measure)
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  2. Mealsey

    Mealsey Member Premium Member

    Well im going to start with my question cause i keep hearing different things....


    with kuhmo ku31 205/40/17's

    Will they be safe to fit going on a CE Sedan? and will they still fit without rolling (etc) if i eventually get superlows?
  3. Trondabron

    Trondabron Administrator Forum Administrator

  4. Mealsey

    Mealsey Member Premium Member

    thanks Tron :)
  5. mdclear

    mdclear Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    super lows, will require some small rolling of the guards.
  6. unclepaulie

    unclepaulie Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    they shouldnt do

    i had 17x7+45 (shudders) with a 215 and i didnt need any rolling. just a trim of the rear bumper tab
  7. mdclear

    mdclear Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    my 17x 205 needed rolling on supers, only has a few mm now
  8. Trondabron

    Trondabron Administrator Forum Administrator

    hmm mine are fine, if there was any rolling the tyres did it :)
  9. BI65ND

    BI65ND Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Depends on what offset they are and also the brand of tyre believe it or not. I had 2x sets of 17x7's with 205-40 maxxis tyres and car on coilovers so lower then super lows. Never had a drama. The next owner ggot new tyres - same size but different brand and they scrubbed at the back.
  10. Azz

    Azz Member

    Wheels.. What to do??

    Before joining the forum I was going to get some 18's for my Mirage and because I'm going green/silver color scheme, I was thinking some silver or chromies...... BUT!!!!!!

    After seeing some wheels on this forum, I'm thinking some deepish dish old skool style like Simmons etc
    I'm not 100% on sizes, maybe something not as large as 17's/18's, now thinking smaller but wider... So give me some ideas...
    I need to get them through Bob Jane or somewhere that has finance as it works out better for me :D

    On a side note...
    I would like the car dumped a little, Do it before or after getting wheels? I'm thinking after as I would getting better feel for how low..

    As you can see, I'm a noob, but feel that I've found the right forum to get the right answers...
  11. Trondabron

    Trondabron Administrator Forum Administrator

    IMO if your going mesh style JDM yo, get 16s or less.

    But in any case, i dont recommend 18s, just based on how i like my rims, and after seeing MOR31s (while i like his rims, and its low and all) i think the rims are too big.

    You should decide on what look you want before you get wheels and lowering. no use dropping it to the floor if you want to run +15/20 offsets.
  12. Azz

    Azz Member

    Thanks for the reply, Will be looking into it in the next couple of months..

    Thanks for moving post.. Didn't look for this one ;)
  13. Trondabron

    Trondabron Administrator Forum Administrator

    Just have a look at peoples rides, or google lancer rims or something, you get a taste of the style you like anyways, small dishy, medium racey, or large showy sorta rims.

    Then work from there.
  14. Res

    Res Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    x2 its all about your taste, and keep looking till u find something perfect for what you want
    took me a good few months to find what i was looking for in my first set of rims
  15. BI65ND

    BI65ND Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Re: Wheels.. What to do??

    If you're after Simmons I have a set of V4's up for sale. They're the mesh style rims with polished lip, and are 15x7" +33 offset, and are a genuine 3 piece wheel. Would have been using them on my car but they don't clear the big brake setup without running some fairly big spacers. Send me a PM if you're interested and can work something out.
  16. ace23k

    ace23k Member

    would a 18x7.5 + 38 offset fit on my ce i still wanna know if i could run a 205 tyre i already have rolled gaurds.jst dnt no if its a good idea getn 18s or keepn with the 17s as the 17s already scrub sometimes lol but everyone telln me go 18s
  17. deathwish

    deathwish New Member

    i was thinking of getting some dish rims with maybe some offset for my 03 ce , has anyone got any reference photo's or yeah whats your lots opinions
  18. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    these are 16x8 wide, with +20 offset on a mirage WITHOUT rolled guards


    For reference sake ^ ^
  19. ace23k

    ace23k Member

    My rims got dish check my ride thread
  20. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    225-45-15 - Will these fit?

    Hey guys,

    Would 225/45/15 tires/wheels fit on a CE coupe without scrubbing?
    Assuming the correct offset is used, has coilover suspension and is lowered

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