What cheap factory seats fit our cars?


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I would like to find some more comfortable seats, I've got the vrx and I find them very hard/uncomfortable.

What seats are known to bolt up ? Asx ? Proton?

I'm in a tight budget and not really after performance/racing seats. Just something modern and comfortable.



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Evo seats are the only ones easily/well known for fromt seats. If you can, I’d reccomend evo7 GTA seats. They are optionable with both leather and electronic controls, so thats a nice comfort upgrade.


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Yeah evo seats are a total dream to put in, they look great and hold you nice and tight


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Thanks for the replies. Evo 7 seats look great however I'm hoping to get a couple of seats for under 300 - I'm more after comfort than sporty, the factory seats in my ch vrx are really uncomfortable.

I've seen asx, and several modern hyundai seats for this price. Do you think a i30 seats would fit? Does anyone know the bolt pattern for the front seats off the top of their head?


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Not sure on the i30 or asx clever idea though, never thought of those.
Evos under 300 is pretty unlikely, they always hold thier value.


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go to the wreckers, find some newer cars and measure their bolt patterns. You could also get custom rails mounted to those seats but there's also a possible height difference that will send your head into the roof or like sitting in a hole