Welcome Hens Performance as a sponsor of AusLancer


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Henry has come onboard as a sponsor of AusLancer and we'd like to thank him for his support. I'm sure many of you already know who he is, but for those that don't he provides all sorts of quality mods for Lancers, with more details available here:


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Welcome aboard Henry!

A great addition to AusLancer.

Any members in need to quality aftermarket parts dont look anywhere but HensPerformance.


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Awesome news. I'll personally vouch for Henry. Great guy, great products and excellent workmanship.


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heard great things, cant wait to deal with you when the time is right :D


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merlino said:
i have tried to contact hens .. but no reply??
Hes a busy man since HensPerformance isnt his main job. He also goes to uni full/partime.

Give him a call.


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Sorry guys, Ive been swamped with alot of work, on top of that Ive got a backlog.
My sincere apologies.
Rest assured Im still around and will be around for some time so for those people that actually want to get through to me I must say this.
Leave a message at the tone then I return your call.

If you dont leave a message I will not return the call if I cannot answer.


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my phone broke man! i need exractors for my 4g15! haha. i cant call dude, until i get a new phone tomoz, so if u get this can u leave an email at joshy_morris@hotmail.com and let me know when i can grab some 4-2-1's off ya, cheers henry!