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  1. korz

    korz New Member

    Hey guys,
    sorry to be an absolute pain but i recently got a 2000 ce lancer vrx, i have been trying to do as much research as possible but i still havent found out what the differences are between like a gli and a vrx? its like the vrx models dont exist? if anyone could give me some pointers about the vrx model it would be much appreciated ! :shock:
  2. BI65ND

    BI65ND Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    coupe or sedan? VRX have black interior and electric windows and mirrors dont they?
  3. korz

    korz New Member

    mines a coupe, yeah it has a black interior, quite nice actually! haha and no power windows but it does have power mirrors, i just dont understand why ive never heard or seen another one? like there has to be a difference ! thanks man !
  4. mdclear

    mdclear Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    VRX's are basiclly the same as the MR's. But they skipped out on a few things to lower cost
  5. BI65ND

    BI65ND Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Yeah they're not as common in the coupe. Guess they were a slightly sportier version. The VRX in the sedans was the equivalent of an MR coupe, but in the coupes it was sort of an in between the MR and the GLI I think.
  6. korz

    korz New Member

    ahk i see, so what was the point of the vrx? like mines not badged, its just got a vr-x sticker on it, which i find quite ugly
  7. MOR31

    MOR31 Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    vrx coupe has a 4g15 engine too, 1.5l
  8. SyntaxLegend

    SyntaxLegend Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I imagine to give people a 'better looking' interior (all opinion) without having to fork out the money for the MR. Different products for different peoples price ranges.
  9. korz

    korz New Member

    the gli has a 4g15 in it aswell doesnt it? So the vr-x isnt the bottom of the line ce lancers? just what i have been told
  10. korz

    korz New Member

    yeah thats a good point, so in context the vr-x is a gli with a partial mr interior? lol!
  11. mdclear

    mdclear Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    sounds about right
  12. Jazza

    Jazza Active Member

    take some pictures of the interior and we can see what's missing from an MR! pictures are always good ;)
  13. bumpak

    bumpak Member

    actually the vr-x is a gli. It's called a gli vr-x. Difference in the sedan is the vr-x has all the gli interior but its black, has electric mirrors, boot light, body lip kit, vr-x sticker, vrx rims, black carpet, leather door cards, cd player, 4 speaker stereo and probably a few minute things as standard. In the coupe version its roughly the same but it only has the 4G15 which is just a joke. Owned a few sedan vr-x's, my ce lancer of choice.
  14. Kicky

    Kicky New Member

    Yeah, I have one of these. basically a gli with alloy wheels, elec mirrors, tacho and the mr interior minus elec window switch, console with lid and cup holdyers.

    Still had 4g15 power though lol, well until 2001 it did... Then they went to the 93!
  15. BlackVY

    BlackVY New Member

    Hey guys, sorry to dig up an old thread, but I have a 1999 CE VR-X and I have some scratches in the interior door trims in both back doors from previous owners, who probably had pets in the car.

    I was wondering, instead of getting door trims from wreckers which won't be from a VR-X, can I do anything to fix those scratches up?

    What I'm wondering is, what material are the door trims? Are they leather or vinyl? I'm talking about the whole door trim, the insert where it is usually cloth on other versions and the surrounds?

    Was wondering, since it is black, could I just use black shoe polish to fill in the scratches and polish it up? Also, then can the insert be painted a different colour with normal leather/vinyl paints?
  16. rsbarker

    rsbarker New Member

    My VR-X Sedan has White (Sports) Instrument Panel Dial Faces on Tacho, Speedo, etc...not sure if the MR has these also?
  17. cesario

    cesario Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    the CE2 style MR has a white cluster and the CE1 style MR coupe has a grey / black cluster
  18. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    CheetahSpeed (Jake) New Member

    i believe the VRX is the cheaper version of the MR's... im not 100% sure but I saw a VRX CE Lancer on gumtree that had a 1.5l engine so im not sure if the 1.5l was a factory engine in the VRX or if a nascisist swapped it over lol... i originally thought the VRX was better than the MR but maybe not
  19. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    CheetahSpeed (Jake) New Member

    yep mrs have white dials... they also have power windows, carbon fibre AC holster, and the MR 1.8l engine, not 100% sure if the VRX had those
  20. unclepaulie

    unclepaulie Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Whilst your enthusiasm is great...you’ve replied to a thread that was started in 2012....

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