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Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Dave3074, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Dave3074

    Dave3074 New Member

    Hi guys, I'm getting a throttle body from a guy wrecking his magna 2001 and am hoping it will suit my ce 2000 coupe. Would i need to do anything else to my ce before I put it in?? I'm hoping to get a little bit more power from it..
  2. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    It’s been a while since I’ve had to think about this....

    You’ll need a throttle body off a TR/TS magna 4cyl IIRC.

    Your stock one should be 50mm, but the magna one is 60mm, so you’d need a bigger gasket and to grind out your manifold to match the bigger throttle body. Otherwise you’ll have to put up with a funky idle.

    Also you need to find out if you’ve got a 3pin or 4pin TPS, I can’t remember what the go is getting around that if they’re different.

    Any gains you get will be very minimal, not really worth it for the time and effort.
  3. Dave3074

    Dave3074 New Member

    Thanks for the input, i might give the throttle body a miss...

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