Thoughts on CH lancer pod filter?

Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by PapaG, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. PapaG

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    Hi Everyone, first post.

    I was wondering what everyone thinks of putting a pod filter on the 4G69 or if someone has done it. I have seen that the "performance enhancement" of pod filters are a myth based on dyno comparisons. I figured on a CH lancer it'd be more the sound that the mod would be for anyway. Been considering doing it but wanted to hear from people that have done it, what they think of the mod? I am from QLD so it is legal as long as it is securely mounted to the chassis. My concern is the MAF sensor, does anyone know if that piece of kit detaches from the stock box and if the stock ECU plays nice with a pod?

    Attached is the proposed location of the filter.[​IMG]

    Thanks in advance for your opinions on the mod :)

  2. wagonmaster

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    Depends if you want it to look nice and colourful under bonnet, or to make cool intake sounds, apart from that watch the Utube video link below, its one of many video and reviews, same conclusion on every video, it kind of says it all.

  3. PapaG

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    I did watch that video and do a bit of research before asking here. The consensus is that you don’t gain HP and in some cases you might lose 1-2 HP but you don’t feel it. I was wondering what people who have done the mod thought of the induction sound and how it affected performance. I also wanted to know where people put their pod in the 4G69 engine bay.
  4. SDate42

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    The 4G69 uses a different maf sensor, which is integrated into the airbox as you may have noticed. So to install a pod filter, you’ll need to make (or buy a second hand) intake pipe that houses the sensor and is the right diameter for your pod filter.

    Have a look at @hornunga’s one. His is a CE, but same motor as you, so it applies. Aaaaaannndd his is a pretty good example
  5. PapaG

    PapaG New Member

    I did notice the MAF sensor is a part of the rear stock box assembly. Might you have a link to where I can purchase a housing for the sensor?

    Or even better, a kit? While looking I find alot of 06 lancer options only have the 2.0L whereas I have the 06 VR-X CH lancer 2.4L. These sites list the 2.4L as a Lancer Ralliart, is the VR-X 2.4L considered Ralliart? would one of the systems fit it? Such as the following from Injen? What quality is Injen?
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  6. SDate42

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    You can't really buy a "Housing" for the MAF sensor - doesn't quite work like that. This is a kit from RPW. People have mixed opinions of them, I have had nothing negative to say so far.


    You may find that you can call or email them and find out how to use your pod filter with their kit.
  7. PapaG

    PapaG New Member

    Ok so their kit isn't really a kit, they still require you to cut off the current housing. I was just hoping someone out there sold pipes or heat treated plastic capable of housing the sensor so that I could plug and play it. It seems i'm correct in that the north american 4G69 was the Ralliart however any american store costs a tonne in shipping. They have a lot more options as per the two I linked
  8. PapaG

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    In addition, the 4G eclipse models used the 4G69, dc sports has a kit for them, would this fit a ch? My concern is the body and where the kit goes to (CAI). I know dc sports doesn’t have an australian dealer but that was an example, I’m sure there’s a 4G kit somewhere in aus if it fits
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