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  1. ARC

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    Because of interest in CE seat upgrades & options with questions to and fro in other threads, makes sense to have an all inclusive thread.

    So this threads aim to eliminate the questions and give answers... Or ask further questions if needed. :think:

    I'll start by adding what I know, If anyone else with knowledge wishes to add, correct and fill some gaps, please let me know and I'll update the first post.

    So I'll list what seats can fit easy enough.
    MR seats, Evo 4-6 Recaro seats, SR3 Recaro, GTi Satria Recaro, FTO seats
    CC seats fit into CE's, this includes GSR, Evo1/2/3 and Proton seats.
    Bride and other racing seats ?

    A good starting point if you do not have a MR is to get MR Seats, a bit more adjustment and comfortable than your regular poverty pack seats.
    They come in a few colours, here's one example.


    Evolution 4, 5 & 6 Recaro seats are all direct bolt in for CE Lancer's and Mirage... No mods required.
    Evo 5 & 6's only forward backward with the little side knob, not like your standard or MR seats that have a leaver to quickly slide for rear passengers.
    Evo 4 however, has the latch on the back of the seat allowing for rear passengers to sneak through, see pics below.

    In case your not familiar with your Recaro's.

    Evo 4 - Dark Grey/Red pattern


    Evo 5 - Black/Grey


    Evo 6 - Black/Blue


    Evo 6 TME - Black/Red


    SR3 Recaro's
    You'll need a seat frame to make them fit, But as far as I've read, they are easily available.
    SR3's also have the side leaver making it easy for your rear passengers to hop in and out.


    Proton Satria GTi Recaro seats.
    IIRC they also bolt right in and slide like your normal Lancer coupe or Mirage seat, added bonus, get the rear seats and its a matching set for a Mirage.
    I think also the seat belt latches are different and need to be swapped over.


    FTO Seats - I know these fit, anymore info anyone ?


    Front measurements are more or less spot on (+/- 0.5mm)
    Rears are somewhat approximate, as they move both X and Y, but should be withing a couple of mm, its sorta trial and error, took me about 6 trials of putting the seat in the car.

    More detailed post after I took pictures, excuse the dirty carpet.

  2. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    All CC seats fit into CE's, this includes GSR, Evo1/2/3 and Proton seats. Also, When I fit the GSR seats into my CC I didn't have to swap over the buckles at all, they fit without modification. Straight in, ready to go.
  3. EVL20T

    EVL20T Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    CC and CE buckles are different, I had to swap the EVO5 buckles off my EVO5 seats and throw the CC buckles on
  4. Bratlee

    Bratlee New Member

    So what you're saying is, the FTO seats are the only ones that are abit difficult to position?
    Great write up!
  5. Jazza

    Jazza Active Member

    SR3 recaros ARE evo 3 and 4 seats.... SR3's also come in type R civics I think and whatever else but just coz they're SR3's doesn't mean they'll fit a CE lol... Better change that.. So where you say SR3's will fit if you find a seat frame, well so will any other recaro basically...
    And as evo 4 seats are SR3's they have a folding mechanism to let passengers in the back, as do evo 3's. The only seats that don't fold are evo 5 and 6. That is obviously only a problem in a mirage or coupe.
    CC seats, so Evo 1-3 seats only fit a CE/mirage if you hack saw off a small triangular edge in the rail. You'll see this when you try to fit them. Also need to swap the seat belt buckles (also requires a bit of grinding). After that they bolt in.
    And yea FTO seats do not "fit easy enough" as seen. A bit of custom bracketry is required for a seat that isnt even that much more supportive over the stock seats. I'd never be bothered.

    Just some things to fix up ;)
  6. Trondabron

    Trondabron Administrator Forum Administrator

    ^^^ This guy, not sat in an FTO seat, I reckon they are mad comfy, and have front to rear base tilt adjustment, to get that bankstown lean on.
  7. Jazza

    Jazza Active Member

    ^^^ I have sat in an FTO seat, and I thought they weren't all that supportive compared to a recaro seat.
  8. 7R3N7

    7R3N7 Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

  9. EVL20T

    EVL20T Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Pfft FTO seat lol
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  10. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    Easy enough was a loose term, not meant to be literal...
    But with the many forums I've sifted through the last few months looking for my own purposes, it seems to be a popular alternative. So it cant be too hard.
  11. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    So your saying that Evo 3 or 4 seat frames will fit the SR3 no problem, hence making it a perfect fit for a CE ?

    I can see what you mean, they have the little levers on the back. Thanks & Added :cool:

  12. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    I used to have FTO seats bolted onto the stock CE MR rails.
    I am not sure if this was a direct fit or not (mechanic did it) but from what I understood it wasn't difficult.
    The same mechanic had modified FTO rails to suit a CE before and said that using CE rails was a better option
  13. EVL20T

    EVL20T Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    U can use EVO1/2/3/4/5/6, Proton GTi/M21 rails on any SR3 seats, EVO2/3 seats are SR2, EVO4 are SR3
  14. Numb

    Numb Member

    Not a direct bolt on unfortunetly. Tried to do that with mine.
  15. onwaylo

    onwaylo New Member

    Anyone put MR folding rear seats in a Mirage?

    Backrest mounting brackets seem different and folding backs are not equal.
  16. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    I tried, doesnt work.
    The fold down leavers in the tops are different from coupe to hatch.
  17. BI65ND

    BI65ND Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    It's been done with Evo seats a few times but in my opinion it looks like ass. The mounts are completely different so a lot of work or not much gain.
  18. EVL20T

    EVL20T Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Yes but you can buy the mechanism to make them fold down :)

    You just got to find a place that will sell them to you

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  19. EVL20T

    EVL20T Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I made a bar to make my EVO5 seats fold down, all I need to do is lift the bar up and the seat folds down

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  20. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    I have DC2R Recaro seats bolted onto Evo rails and hence into the CE Lancer without any trouble.
    Also has the easy tilting for rear seat passengers

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