RVR to CA?

Discussion in 'CA-CC Lancers' started by noisy toy, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. noisy toy

    noisy toy New Member

    Hi all. My first post here, awesome site. I have an RVR 4G63T AWD front cut. engine is on passenger side. I am looking at a 1990 Lancer 4 door, considering this car for an AWD conversion. I searched a few forums, sorry if this has been discussed before. My question is, is it a fairly straight forward conversion? I know the rear diff mounts will be a lot of work, but is the front part the same? Can i fit the RVR X-Member? Any tips much appreciated, or direct me to the right place.
    cheers, shane
  2. NFG

    NFG Member

    To be honest, you're better off asking this question over on 4gtuner. There'd be a bit more knowledge on this type of stuff over there.
  3. Hugh-CE

    Hugh-CE Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    ^^ agreed, our knowledge starts at CC but mostly CE and not a lot of the OG 4g guys still bobbing around here.
  4. noisy toy

    noisy toy New Member

    ok thanks. it is a 90 CB, not sure if they are much different to a CC? Cheers

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