Proton Satria GTI Dashboard In CC Coupe?

Discussion in 'CA-CC Lancers' started by Whizz, May 19, 2017.

  1. Whizz

    Whizz New Member

    Just wonderinf if anyone here has done a proton gti dashboard conversion here into a cc coupe, and if so how difficult was it.
  2. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Need to swap dash, every panel on the dash, interior loom and pray that any existing plugs for power options etc are plug n play.

    Any particular reason you wanna do it? Proton clusters are notorious for failing gauges and the cupholders break a lotttt.
  3. Whizz

    Whizz New Member

    Main reason is because of the cupholders since the cc doesnt have any and the carbon surround looks some what decent
  4. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Cc defs has cupholders. The small thin rectangular piece at the bottom of the headunit surround, above the coin tray and cig lighter, is replaced by the cupholder tray. If you take out that faceplate you can undo the 2 screws behind it to remove that piece and screw the cupholders in.

    Can find cupholders in any 1.8L cc like glxi and executive models, gsr and evo. Also, all ce cupholders fit too. They are exactly the same. You could wrap the faceplate itself in a carbon vinyl wrap if you want too. Will save you hours of work and headaches and money.
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