Premium Membership - Now Via a New Automated System


Forum Administrator
Premium membership is now available via an automated upgrade system.

Premium members will receive the following benefits:
  • Premium member rank image under your Avatar
  • Gold coloured user name (or Platinum for lifetime members)
  • Premium member's only forum section
  • Discounted prices on stickers
  • Any merchandise the club organizes down the track you will get a minimum 10% discount
  • Sales thread stickied for 1 month (ask a moderator to sticky it for you)
  • Google Ads removed from the forum when you are logged in

All funds raised through the sale of merchandise and premium membership goes back into running the forum and includes uses such as:
  • Providing promotional material such as spotted cards to members
  • Web hostings costs and allow us to move to a faster and more reliable web host
  • Future development of merchandise
  • A banner for displaying at car shows that members participate in
  • BBQs for premium members at selected club meets.

Prices are as follows:
  • 12 Months Premium Membership - $10
  • 24 Months Premium Membership - $20
  • Lifetime Premium Membership - $40
Lifetime Premium Membership also comes with 2x vinyl stickers. Please PM me your address after making the payment and I will send them out to you.

Payment Methods:
Payment for Premium Membership is now via our automated system and uses PayPal to complete the payment. For those that don't have a PayPal account, you can complete the payment using your credit card without needing to sign up for a PayPal account.

Click here to upgrade:

If paying by PayPal is simply not an option for you, I will accept payment for the 24 month and Lifetime options via internet bank transfer or by deposit at a CUA branch. Please PM me for details.

Existing Premium Members from the Old Pricing Scheme:
I will contact you when your pre-existing premium membership renewal is due and let you know your options as I transition all premium members across to the new system.