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PART 2 post RE :>>>>>>>>>>> CH lancer EVO parts compatibility.


· Evo rims - can be used on lancers with a 5 stud hub or ES 4 stud that have done a 5 lug conversion, no problems


· Evo rear callipers/rotors – should work on all ES wagons/and VRX sedans with standard rear disc brakes

· Glass - mirrors and all glass are swappable

· Hood latch - same bolt holes as the base lancer


· Evo 7,8,9 steering wheel will fit (cruise needs opt bracket) see my previous posts re installation of the evo wheel into cg/ch models.

· All gauge components are swappable between es/vrx/evo models, the 3 x evo traction control light indicators won’t function. The dash background lights will stay on during the day continuously (on 04’s they do so i guess all do up to 2/08) if you do the evo dash swap into a es/vrx, only problem is you will get few more burnt out dash backlight bulbs more frequently as they are constantly on, can remedy by changing pin setup though.

· You can mix and match most panels/surrounds on dash.


· Evo & Lancer A/C units do swap with minor modification. The pulleys are different sizes, just remove a bolt and a c-clip and you can swap one pulley over to the other because the clutch housings are both the same. Same plugs, same mounting, oem belt, no problems. The AC pipes run opposite ways under your bonnet just use your stock a/c connection pipes on your ES/VRX.

· Climate control etc swappable (it is a big drama to fit if you only have base model ES control knobs), best to avoid unless you’re a masochist.

· The air-con and heater control switches can swap locations from the position below factory single din radio to spare tray/ashtray pigeon hole panel at bottom (you will need a fitting kit cost around $80-$140, this will allow you to fit a double din radio combo.

· Also for something different you could use a radio relocation kit to move just your radio to bottom ashtray/ pigeon hole panel, this will allow you to mount 3 x EVO or 3 other non oem glow gauges in your old radio single din location, same as evo ralliart accessory gauges, basically if you can mount a gauge anywhere in an evo you can mount one in a base model.


· Evo engine/transmission will fit in nicely but you will have to weld a metal bracket onto the passenger side guard apron to accept the stock evo engine mount (part number is MR592000), this mod will give your CH the factory fitted look, only catch is this mod will set you back some decent $$$$ so may require more thought before you start.

· Evo 8 ecu – Works but is not a straight swap as it requires getting the ecu reflashed, when finished this it will give you more tuning capabilities for aftermarket turbo setups.

· The Evo mass air flow sensor works if you know the variable values to input this info to work with the ecu reflash above.

· Turbo - will fit with custom 4g94 manifold

· Evo throttle body will fit just need to rewire the tps and lose the cruise, make sure you put the t/b gasket on right for use without cruise.

· Stock intercooler and intercooler piping - for the intercooler “remove the front (VIBRATION) rollers” and use the 2 outside bolt holes for the piping, holes are there and threaded already if i remember correctly.

· The stock and most aftermarket down pipes - works with evo turbo and O2 housing.

· Manifolds - requires some hard work to get the ports to match

· Driveline - different splines and longer from memory

· Turbo timer w/ harness - splices right into your ignition system with a harness from hks or others.

· Evo fuel pressure regulator - will have to bore out stock or aftermarket fuel rail a bit to make it fit.

· Intercooler is a direct swap with a few mods or removing the bumper bar and a
custom bracket for the upper mount


· Radiator - Evo radiator brackets will fit 3 row ones, all good


· Body trim moulds - can mount or be mounted to the lancer chassis Mirrors should fit, the evos would be any 8/9 they all use the same ct9a chassis, all of the glass is swappable.

· Evo battery tray doesn’t completely fit only the trans mount holes line up but there’s no rear studs like the evo has under the fuse box therefore you need to drill a hole in it for a 3rd bolt

· Boot - uses all the same bolts and lock assemblies, nice if you find an evo wing and dont want to fill the holes in your trunk from a stock lancer trunk with factory spoiler.

· Door window motors and the complete window rail and lift assembly swap between lancers and evo's. This is more helpful to the Evo guys who break or lose a window motor and want to buy the cheaper lancer setup to replace with. The door windows also swap between cars as well

· If you are doing a Evo front swap Evo, you will need the whole front end, bumper, Hood, Guards, Radiator Support, Headlights, and other minor items. Lancer and evo hood catch are the same, but the part where the hood catch bolts to on the evo is 4 inch more forward then the lancer meaning your evo hood wont lock if you stick it on your lancer as your lancer catch is 4” back from the evo hood latch. The evo rad support is nowhere near close to the lancer. It’s a bit of work to fit and actually sits about 2 inches lower than the lancer one. The Evo hood actually overlaps the top/fronts of the lancer headlights by a few inches.

I would like other forum members to give me some input if you find any of the information below incorrect so we can all get this 100% correct for future references, and please post up any swaps that you can confirm or that you know works so that it can added to this CG/CH swaps post when i repost an updated list sometime in the future.

If some other members on this forum with more knowledge on the CC/CE Lancer’s and CJ/CF Lancers models with view to swapping EVO parts compatibility could maybe do a similar post for these vehicles, any volunteers?


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"· Climate control etc swappable (it is a big drama to fit if you only have base model ES control knobs), best to avoid unless you’re a masochist."

Has anyone attempted to do this swap over though? I've got a climate control unit that I pulled out of a wrecked VRX. It would be nice to use it.


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Yes, i thought about doing it once, lot of work, prob best if you are building car from scratch, that way then you could use the correct harness/box etc.
If you wanta change from the ordinary just do a double din conversion and heater/a/c relocation to bottom of dash, this is a way easier option and puts controlds out of the way, giving you a fresher look.


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Nah I like this one. Hope to hook up the buttons to the head unit at some point.

I am looking for a VRX leather gear knob though. Know where I can find one?


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Me too, missed this vrx gear knob for would you believe $1.00 few mths ago.

Trouble on most VRX gear knobs the gear indication pattern wears out on the leather after a while, mine started to split and the wear pattern was pretty bad, making it illegal unless you add shift pattern to console.

I found this gear knob on ebay, looks like a dead ringer for the VRX except for the (sigh) TRD logo, its leather/red stitching and it's cheap.


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I got the same gear stick a couple of years ago I couldn't find it in red stitching without the trd logo it had a momo logo instead,
it was the only other variant I could find. The stickers actually come off really easy if you wanted to buy it and remove or replace them. I had to re-stick them in summer the heat melted the glue.:sweat:


Joshua Bayada

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Hi new member here. I own a 2006 Ch Es 2.4. Just got a evo 7 gta steering wheel and the white plugs won't connect to each other. 2 different plugs. Is there a way to install this