KYB Front Struts suit CH VRX on Clearance sale!

Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by wagonmaster, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Just letting everyone know that the OEM CH Lancer VRX front struts, suitable for the CS6A sedan chassis and the CS6W (wagon) chassis are now on a clearance sale at REPCO reduced from $289 each to only $72.50 +GST each, the KYB part number is #334369 which are the H/D ones, these are the genuine Japanese (not USA) manufactured Kayaba Industry Co ones which cross reference to the standard Mitsubishi CH VRX MR/MN part numbers, these are not the standard 334390 shocks.
  2. Machew

    Machew New Member

    Great information! Do you know if these shocks are the same length as the standard ES shocks? I'm looking at lowering my ES CH wagon around 40-50mm. Would these shocks handle that?
  3. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Hi, the standard ES Shocks are made by KYB in Japan, the KYB part number as mentioned for standard ES (not shortened is 334390) the ones i mentioned above are KYB #334369 are the (heavy duty/firm option) same length, these KYB's are made in japan and are identical to the factory VRX Lancer (crazy cheap at moment) the VRX (factory ones are 25mm lower than your standard ES ones, they can handle (so KYB states) a drop of 30mm with eaze.

    That means that the 30mm lower pedders springs/lovells won't be a problem, but king springs have a drop of 25mm to 40mm, so they may or may not sit in the spring seat without dropping when raised, any lower and you will need a shock (strut) with a shortened stroke length if you want to go to 50mm.

    You may find that coilovers will be a better option if you want to lower it 40-60mm as you can customize it the height you want front and back.

    I'm just removing all my coilovers at the moment and fitting the 30mm lower coils today to these new VRX struts above, and they just seat in the strut by about 5mm pre tension.
  4. Machew

    Machew New Member

    Thanks wagonmaster. I don't think a 30mm drop will be enough to satisfy me so I guess you're right, I'll need coilovers. It sounds like you've got plenty of knowledge in this area. Any suggestions? I have the option of sourcing parts from Japan as my friend is an exporter and I visit often enough.
  5. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Sounds like an idea, keep us posted.
  6. Bassmaniac69

    Bassmaniac69 Member

    Hmm, I wonder if I'm too late for this, I'll have to give them a call in the morning. Marshall, I'm not interested in lowering my car at all, just refreshing it all, so these will be fine? What springs do you recommend for the VRW Wagon I have?

    A pity the rears are not on special either! :)
  7. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Funny you should say that, i have a spare new pair of orig mitsubishi KYB # 334369's new in boxes with receipts/warranty available as i bought 2 sets as they were a bargain, you can have them for around $$$ pair, as far as lowering your car i probably wouldn't bother atm, just stick to your VRX suspension and try it as long as it is still in good nick.

    The # 334369's will give you a firmer ride, you may find your 25mm factory lowered springs have sagged over time anyway, they could be down another 6-10mm down from the 25mm, so it should be good enough if you run these firmer shocks on the standard vrx coils you will prob find that the 8" wheels you are looking at would not rub anyway due to being a much firmer shock than the standard #334390's.

    I can talk you about all the lowered springs available and load ratings etc, but seriously try the shocks first on your standard coils and see how they go.
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  8. vmile

    vmile New Member

    Many Thanks wagonmaster for this lead. Repco still have the #334369's on 'Clearance' now for $120 each.
  9. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    No problems, just remember the KYB 334369”s valving is seriously firm, if you want handling and are happy to sacrifice ride quality then well and good.
  10. vmile

    vmile New Member

    We have just acquired a low Km (80K) 2006 ES wagon. I plan to keep the ES springs, but have put on 16" mags,(6.5") changed the tyres to 195/50/16s, installed a front strut brace from a VRX.
    We usually put Koni shocks in our cars, but they do not appear to make them for the Lancer.
    Not sure what to do with the rear shocks- probably see what the KYB's do on the front first.
    I also just bolted in a leather recaro drivers seat from an EVO 8. Very happy with that.

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