How many variants of Auto bloody matics are behind CH Mivecs ??

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    Ok, I’ve been driving manuals since the seventies and some auto GTXY’S and Monaro’s, and I thought well ok should be a breeze, so I went to daughter in laws this morning to service her 2006 CH wagon 2.4 auto mivec, simple I thought, went to bursons, told them year model, gave me the spin on filter/ tranny oil so off I go, then the fun started.
    1/. Went to find location of spin on filter, of course it doesn’t have one !! (rang bursons)
    2/. Then they tell me, oh yer, 95% have spin on, oh but some have internal filter......#$%*** wtf, they said what is gearbox plate number, now they tell me, great.
    3/. They told me the first few letters should start with F4 or stamped 5f on a plate or on the box, ok I’ll play the game, after 10 mins finally found the code F4A4B
    4/. Bloody beauty, back to bursons, turns out the F4 service kit is about $58 retail, the F5service kit is (holy crap) close to $200 !! , luckily it was the cheapest, so off I go again.
    5/. Ok, back at her place we drop the oil, then drop the pan from the side of the box, then comes along the next drama.
    6/. In the kit for the F4 transmission you get a cork gasket and a large filter with push in neck, ok then I look at transmission, and of course, the gasket is correct, not sure why you need one because the pan didn’t have a gasket, it was previous put on using a blue silicon. BUT The fun part is you can’t fit the large filter that comes with the kit, as it doesn’t fit, no room"............Wtf........ is going on now.
    7/. The kit was a Ryco RTK223, this kit is listed as a kit for a Lancer ch auto, which was the one they told me fits the F4 transmission.!!!???, not only was the gasket in the kit not needed, but the Filter is even Needed, as it doesn’t fit , so what’s the bloody point of the kit anyway, the full code was F4A4B
    8/. Inside the pan is just a large block with solenoids fitted which take up 70% of the space inside pan, so I Bursons again, they told me that no other kits are listed, only the F4and F5 and spin on, so they said that they don’t know

    Ok, 3hrs later I still confused, tried ring my local Mitsubishi dealer, but of course the service departments are all shut for the weekend, so if anyone can enlighten me as to what the transmission is or kits, or doesn’t it have a kit or filter at all and is just as simple as a straight oil change, no filters needed, according to Bursons parts books and Repco parts listings it should one or the other............... please enlighten me.??

    Geezzz, I’m glad I drive a manual ....
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    Ok, update on Auto, I rang my mate in Mitsubish spare parts this morn (Monday) and gave him the cars vin number, turns out the parts catalogues for ryco,bursons and repco are a little off, wish I could have spoke to him over weekend!
    There are 3 different types of automatics fitted behind the 2.4 autos in Ch Lancers up to 2008, turns out that this auto is one of the first types Code F4A4B, the filter it takes is the more expensive one, he said retail around $200 ?? Funny part is the only way you can change the filter is to remove the gearbox from the car as it installs from inside bellhousing into gearbox, not via the gearbox sump.
    It seems all you do with this one is to change the oil regularly as this filter is suppose to last the life of the gearbox, whatever that is, only time you change it is when gearbox is rebuilt or replaced !

    Anyway, like I said before, glad I drive a simple manual.
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    Atleast it’s sorted! Good info to know. I had similar trouble when I first went to service my girlfriends CH. all the aftermarket stores told me I had no filter or a CVT. I guess straight to mitsu it is.
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    Yes 100% agree, if you come across something that you are not sure about fitment wise, just give your local Mitsubishi spare parts a call , quote vin number and you should have correct answer.

    Similar to what you do when you order discount Mitzi parts from overseas sites like , quoting vin number hopefully you can’t go wrong, if the car is factory orig then get the parts numbers and shop around, even makes it easier on other sites like eBay as well.

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