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Discussion in 'Merchandise' started by Ryan, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    So I've had a request from one member to get a custom coloured sticker and would like to know if anyone else is interested?

    Pricing is likely going to be around $15-20 for a regular 220*30mm size sticker.
    Colours available are here:

    Please let me know if interested at this price and as I want to sort this ASAP if you are interested please send through a $10 deposit:
    Account Name: ***
    BSB: ***
    Account #: ***

    If the cost blows out (and you arent interested) or the deal falls through naturally I will refund your money....
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  2. matty

    matty Active Member

    I'm keen for 2 small red and one small black if possible. What cost would that be looking at?
  3. Jkirkness

    Jkirkness Active Member

    Bright red. I might pair this with updating my premo, cos i think i need to soon.
  4. Holesom

    Holesom Member

    Small light green and pink.
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    If all of you lot come through on the orders you'd be looking at max $45 I would say.


    James, should work out $30 for the renewal plus sticker


    Holesom, should be looking at $30 for the two.


    Basically if you guys can all send through $10/sticker then I will add you to the list. Once I get a complete list I'll get an exact price and let you all know if it blows over $15/sticker I will consult with you all before going ahead....
  6. Jkirkness

    Jkirkness Active Member

    I will pop $30 in on monday if thats alright, cos theres a cua branch near my uni.
  7. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    Can your stick guy do it with that vynal that makes it look like etched glass?

  8. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    They just look like white ones stuck on the inside of the car. That could probably be easily done...
  9. Skippy

    Skippy Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    If you want to stick em on the inside, I think it's just a mirrored sticker.
  10. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    There is no way I'm sticking anything on the inside of my tint, that there is crazy talk :p

    It's just another type of vynal that looks like etched glass, most signwriters carry it.
    I like it because its a bit more subtle than white sticker on black tint.
  11. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    Yes Skippy that's correct. I'd just have to reinstall Illustrator and work out how to mirror the artwork I already have.

    ARC, yer it's a frosted vinyl and is usually placed on the rear of the window instead to give an etched look. Not sure how well it would work on the front of the window. But that image you put up though most certainly to me is white vinyl applied on the rear of the window....
  12. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    I've had them made up before for a former employers car, it came up well
    The image i posted was just an example i googled... images/etched-glass1.jpg
    Not a lot of people do it, I thought it might be something different.
  13. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    Well if you want them then send the money through and I'll place the order and see what he says....
  14. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    id rep glitter stickers if they were cheap enough...

  15. Liom the Chef

    Liom the Chef Member

    I'd rep the most interesting sticker that people come up with. something a little different like what lilandonaki suggested would be awesome and i'd pay a decent amount of coin for it
  16. Skippy

    Skippy Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Ryan, can we get something else besides AusLancer.com?

    Skippy in red?
  17. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    That link I posted earlier is the standard colours for the place I am going to be using, I’m not really interested in going around to different ones trying to find someone who stocks unusual vinyls (I’d also hazard a guess that those glitter vinyls aren’t made from a decent vinyl like Avery or 3M). If you guys want odd stuff like that you’re going to have to do some leg work yourselves and find out who has that vinyl in stock and can supply the stickers....

    Also no I’m not interested in complicating things and tacking additional non-AusLancer stickers onto the order. If anyone wants such stickers then you can use the link earlier in the thread and deal with the signwriter directly.
  18. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    So is anyone actually keen on this or not????

    I've had some responses here but no money has come through....

    I really want to get this sorted out before the end of the week so if I don't see any money come through in the next 2 or 3 days then you'll be missing out!
  19. Skippy

    Skippy Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    1 small dark red (small being those small ones you did for tron[?])
    Will pay deposit tonight.
  20. parralegend

    parralegend Administrator Forum Administrator

    Can I ask, do you have some sort of sticker that i can purchase that is removable :). I only ask as I hate having any advertisement on my car except I would like to show it off the next time I go to the drag strip to push the AL name when it smashes commonwhores and such :)

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