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These are the best cold air intake kits available period.
Designed to clear all surrounding engine bay components.
The air filter is tucked up as much as I can make whilst fittings snug behind the foglamp area on vehicles fitted with OEM foglights.
Essentially a high flow cone filter (pod) sits where the OEM resonator box resides (for induction noise reduction).
The assembly is held up via a steel bracket mounted on a factory threaded hole.

Ive been making these for longer than I remember for over 6 years.

Prices start from $269 Black or blue silicon connectors option. If not stated either colour is sent depending on availibility.
Built to order for
CE Mirage 4g15
CE Lancer 4g15 1.5
CE Lancer 4g93 1.8 can be used with 4G94 2.0L swap
CE Mirage Cyborg 4g92 dohc mivec. can also be used with 4g93/4g94 MAFless tune using standalone ecu.

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Ill vouch for this kit, had my 1.8 one week and i had to have it after having one on my 1.5.

Easily makes your engine bay look better, sounds fantastic ( engine bay pods arnt comparable ) and you get that bit extra top end revving.

Well worth the money spent.


Do you get much of that induction growl?

There's this little lancer that drives past my house at 6:30 in the morning with a sweet induction growl and I've finally had enough....

Now I want it too :p not a massive sucking noise just that burble intake noise you get.. I ha plans to make my own but it seems like Henry's kit is pretty top notch and will save me a lot of time in designing that I really don't have working 6 days a week :p


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My kit is the best there is period.
Plus its made here locally using local materials not some imported copies from china.
The chinese copy intake kit for the Lancer is NOT good quality.

I design and make these kits from scratch.
It was never a copy design.
It's a quality product that fits perfect.


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Basically you get what u pay for, henrys kits i vouch for massively, had two one for each engine, loved them. Well made fit perfect, look good, last forever.

In saying that, im sure diamond performances does the job.

So its entirely up to the buyer at the end of day.


So is HENS performance still a thing? Is he still making these CAI kits? I know he still has the website, but I'm not ordering anything without knowing he's still making/selling these kits.