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Discussion in 'CA-CC Lancers' started by CheetahSpeed (Jake), Aug 20, 2019.

  1. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    CheetahSpeed (Jake) New Member

    So we have a CC Lancer car we bought for cheap and were turning into a race car. We've got a sprint round coming up in 4 days and we got a permit to test it before we took it out there... On the test drive we found out it had a MASSIVELY slippy clutch, is there any way that this could be fixed without swapping the clutch out, it was only 250$ car so don't really wanna do that
  2. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Without changing the clutch, your only real options are to try to keep as much heat out of the clutch as possible, which means no riding of it/as little as possible, and no dropping of the clutch. Once its worn its worn, not much you can do to make it work again.
  3. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    CheetahSpeed (Jake) New Member

    yep, theres a lot of assholes out there... the people we bought it off knew we were using it as a track car and still wouldn't inform us, oh well, 150$ ebay clutch it is then ahahha
  4. unclepaulie

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    You could try blowing out the bell housing to get rid of all the dust build up. It’ll only help. But probably not much
  5. CheetahSpeed (Jake)

    CheetahSpeed (Jake) New Member

    Nah it's pretty bad, especially when it gets hot. Might aswell go new clutch if I pull it all out anyway

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