CH wagon Evo face conversion.


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I'll be getting a CH Wagon in the future and I'm wondering if i could change the front of the car to look like the evo. i realise the wheels would need to be wider for the fender is wider than the base model and replacing the rear quarter panels are out the question so i was thinking of bolting on a custom kit for the rear to make it wider. it's just the front I'm curious about. if i can get the front end of and evo and put it on the wagon or if there is any alternative to doing it.


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You haven’t picked an easy one to play with, if you want to do an EVO wagon conversion or part conversion will be big $$$$.
  • For starters you are running a CS6W chassis on the CH wagon, the CT9W Evo wagon chassis a vastly different ball game.
  • From the rear doors back it is all different, only found on CT9W Evo wagon.
  • The rear door from window dust seals up are different, not to mention pumped out on the lower door.
  • Ct9w is over 15mm longer between start of rear door and wheel base over your CH wagon.
  • The rear end setup is completely different much longer shock mounts, heaps reinforcing and different pick up mount points
  • Just around the rear wagon tailgate door there are an additional 50+ spot welds, plus at another 60 + different points around the Evo wagon have been reinforced, it has different pressed metal mounts and points throughout the wagon, including different cross member
  • That’s not even mentioning any of the drive-train / sensors or electronic components, like I said cheaper to buy one.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, I think I read somewhere that a guy in Australia is doing it now.

Possible to use a Lancer Cedia CS5W wagon chassis (good luck finding one—import possible,they came in all wheel drive as well, the AWD Cedia wagons are fairly cheap to import, prob get one landed for 2-4K. If your swapping over bits from the cedia to the ch, and if you want to run the CT9A wheels, they won’t fit after you swap as they won’t clear the AWD lower control arms and awd rear cedia suspension setup. So even going the base AWD import cedia wagon route is still a pain in the arse if you want to run the CT9A wheels that is, or you could find something else with correct offset i suppose.

Probably better, and lots cheaper way to go for aesthetics look and improved handling on the CH is to pick up a earlier Lancer CG complete front end clip/find and or make up a ralliart grille/ and swap it onto your CH, at least that way you can open the door to a huge wide variety of aftermarket parts / EVO style fronts/bumpers to get that front end EVO look. If you’re lucky you might find an orig alloy hood which would be better (and legal), heaps of fiberglass ones around.

I have tested and tried numerous suspension setups on my wagon, including coilovers, and evo bilstein shocks and Eibach springs (front only) as rear shocks are impossible to fit on CH wagon without major mods, I can advise you on wagon suspension when you get to that stage, if you last that long and sheer frustration doesn’t settled in.

Another mod I have seen done is to import a Japanese Varis Lancer EVO wide body kit to suit a sedan, the sedan kit will fit a wagon as well. Can’t guarantee that extra 15mm won’t cause problems on a standard CH wagon CS6W chassis, prob will work with minor mods. Cost will be right up there, at a guess 2K to 3K with shipping.

There was a company that made up CH sedan wheel arch flares, they do fit a wagon with minor mod, but that was back in early 2000's in the Lancer CH selling period from 04-08, have only ever seen 2 sets on ebay in last 10 years, usually around 4100 bucks.

All I did on my wagon when I bought it new in 2004 I just used an imported Ralliart body kit, a genuine Mitsubishi factory EVO 8 wagon rear deck spoiler, some trick reversed dish rims from a Ralliart supplier, modified brakes, modified suspension/coils, stripes are Mitsubishi opt. genuine accessory Ralliart evo 6 top guard/door stripes that I repositioned down to wagon lower door/guard area to be a bit different, and a tow bar (I know don’t say it), Evo console/Evo wheel and Ralliart dash.

Check out these old posts of mine, might answer some other questions for you.
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