CG new front grille?


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So i own a CG and i love it, just not a fan of the front bumper with the mitsi badge.

I can see how the grille easily comes out from when the bonnet is open but I cant find an alternative that wont cost an arm and a leg for something so easy..
I like the railart ones but just cant afford.
Thinking of a DIY but worried about the outcome


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Apart from the Ralliart ones (which do look good) keep an eye out Lancer Cedia grilles, all interchangeable, same years also fibreglass aftermarket grilles should still be floating around, just google cedia grilles, not 100% sure but should be a CS5W chassis from memory, just double check that, also aliexpress.

Just jumped on eBay and found heaps grilles, just type Lancer cedia grill , grills, cedia Ralliart, Ralliart CG and so on and so forth, most are a little pricey, or have a go at making on up one yourself.

On you Utube...homemade Lancer cedia grill..........Lancer cedia grill........articles on there as well

You lucky you have a CG / Cedia sedan, heaps more aftermarket available for it than the CH Lancer, so odds are in your favour, if you want a bigger challenge, buy a CH then shop around.


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Hey thanks for the reply! Ive just discovoured that cg = cedia haha
So ive found actually some decent parts that i like and am super keen to start throwing them on
Only thing that sucks is the shipping cost on body parts like a new bumper etc... the shippimg is like 5 x the cost of the actual part wtf