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Discussion in 'CA-CC Lancers' started by 91GSR, Mar 11, 2017.

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    So I have performed an engine swap on my 91 Lancer using a G4CP out of a 1994 Hyundai Sonata automatic.
    It started out as I needed to replace my water pump because someone used the wrong one but when you see a Sonata for sale that has the engine you want with only 109k km for $350 you decide to do the swap.

    So first I pulled out the G4CP and then scrapped the Sonata roller.

    Since I had a timing kit for the 4G61 I used everything but the belt on the 2.0 and bought a new balance shaft belt and timing belt. I also bought a AEM uego kit (so I can keep the fuelling in check), new hose clamps, new belts 4pk990 and whatever it is for the power steering pump (same for the 1.6 and 2.0), new fuel filter, new clutch kit, 2 bottles of oil (1 5L 10w40 shell helix for the first 500km and a 6L bottle of penrite 15w40 for an oil change for after the first 500km), 2 oil filters, bottle of penrite power steering fluid, 1 bottle of penrite dot 4 brake fluid (for the clutch) and probably a couple other small bits I've forgotten at this time.

    So first I started on the 2.0.
    I did the timing belt, seals and swapped over the rocker covers (I prefer my original 1.6 one). I left the sonata engine mount points on (the ones that sit behind the timing belt) as they are the same as the 1.6. I then put the lancer mounts that bolt to the block on the 2.0 (lancer ones must be used as they are completely different to the sonata).

    I put my 1.6 intake on the 2.0 (bigger runners and huge ports unfortunately restricted by 2.0 head), swapped the throttle bodies (sonata has a bigger one), bolted on the lancer exhaust manifold (has smaller outlet ports but I didn't grab the sonata down pipe so I couldn't use the sonata manifold (I plan on extractors very soon anyway), I left the 2.0 alternator on as well as the water pipe (the water pipe is different between the 2 but I used a upper rad hose for a 92-94 Toyota Tarago and it fits perfectly), 1.6 thermostat housing, the Lancers cas must be used (2g compared to sonata 1g), I'm using the 2.0 240cc injectors and fpr (unknown pressure) instead of the 1.6 210cc injectors and 270 kpa fpr to compensate for the bigger engine and then I'll swap things out as necessary to give better fuelling.

    I had the flywheel machined and I cleaned everything up and then fitted the flywheel, clutch and gearbox.
    The connecting bar that goes from the gearbox to intake manifold can not be used due to extra deck height but if modified it can obviously be used.

    Next it was time for fitment.

    I started putting the engine in and it all dropped into place as it should. I bolted up the engine mounts and then plugged in all the connectors and hooked up the lines, the exhaust was connected up, airbox and battery tray in and those too were connected.

    I filled up the engine oil and radiator, turned the key a few times to prime the lines and then turned it over. After a few second it started and ran perfectly. I shut it off and here I am now typing this.

    All that's left to do now is put the driveshafts back in, connect the brakes, put the hood on, pull out the cat and knock the guts out, weld in my o2 bung for the wideband, fix an exhaust leak, top up the gearbox, bleed the clutch, put my steering wheel on (bought a boss kit for it but its the wrong one and I may need a evo 1),
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    oh sweet, so its more or less plug n play, with a mix match of both cars? Did you get a heap of pics of everything you did?
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    Didn't take any pics. Only thought about it today that I should have but with a tight time frame and having it get tighter because my brothers gearbox lost 1st 2nd 3rd 5th & R and him needing it swapped otherwise he'd lose his jobs (contract cleaner). But yeah pretty much plug and play.

    Short write up:
    Use lancer CAS
    Use lancer thermostat housing
    Either intake manifold can be used but I opted for the lancer one due to it having slightly longer runners and much bigger ports (doesn't matter on 2L head)
    Sonata throttle body as it's slightly bigger (I bent 2 of the vac ports over and flattened them out then put coppermax over them for good measure as they are no needed but if you want the smaller lancer one go for it)
    You have to use the ISC that goes to the throttle body you are using as they are different (car can use both as electrically they are they same but the size is different)
    Lancer exhaust manifold (can use sonata but need the connecting pipe out of sonata, sonata also has bigger ports and pipes, head ports are the same size, you can also opt for extractors)
    Take the lancer engine mounts off the block and put them on the 2L (don't worry about the support bar that goes from the intake manifold to gearbox mount as it wont reach due to extra deck height)
    Use lancer flywheel
    Use the 2L harmonic balancer, water pump and pulleys (They sit a little further out I know this as someone used a 2L water pump on my 1.6
    Power steering pump and bracket are the same between the 2
    Use which ever water pipe you want but if you use the 2L one then you just buy a upper radiator hose for a 92-94 Toyota Tarago (it fits perfectly and doesn't need trimming)
    Use lancer O2 sensor
    Either TPS will work as they are the same
    Use the 2L injectors and FPR as they suit that motor (this may change as I drive my car as I can monitor it with the wideband)
    Coil packs and ICM are the same
    Alternators are different on the back but either will work (I'm using the sonata one as my 1.6 unit needs a rebuild)

    After all that is done all your stuff just plugs in. If it doesn't plug in you have used a sonata item.

    Really short write up:
    Everything that bolts on to the 1.6 goes on the 2L (but some bits can be swapped out for the newer 2L stuff as they will either have less wear or are a bit better.

    I plan on putting the 1.6L head on the 2L with a mls headgasket in the future as the 1.6 head has massive intake ports compared to the 2L and I may as well bump up the compression slightly. Combustion chambers are the same, as far as I can find the valve sizes are the same. Cams are different between the 2 engines (they will swap over) but I'll be buying some new ones.
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    So I have the Lancer going now and it runs sweet. AFR's are what I expected to see with a average of 15.6 at idle and cruise with around 13.4 at WOT.
    Now for my review on this swap.
    I have only revved it to 4500rpm by accident (set my self a 4000rpm limit for the first 1000km) and as soon as it hit 4500 it spun the driver side wheel and torque steered more than expected. I was in 1st giving a Audi RS4 a small run and I sat with him and gained once I stopped spinning a wheel (the look on the drivers face was priceless!).
    Going up hills and cruising is so much nicer to do now. Hills I previously needed to head up in 2nd or 3rd can now be taken in 3rd or 4th at a lower rpm. I definitely need to focus on my brakes, tyres and suspension now.
    If I take off slow in first and give it a hit once I hit 3k rpm it hauls arse (same with any gear) compared to the 1.6 where I had to be around 4k rpm and it still doesn't compare to the 2L.
    The 2L may only make 102kw with the Sonata tune compared to the 1.6 making 90kw with the Lancer tune with the 2L reaching its peak 200 rpm lower (6000rpm for the lancer and 5800 for the sonata) but when you look at the torque wow! The 1.6 makes 144nm at 5k rpm (with Lancer tune) where as the 2L makes 180nm at 4k rpm. That is a big difference and when you have those figures in a car that weighs 1110.7kg (I know the factory weight is 1140kg but I have removed weight) minus what I've taken out during the swap (I'll let you know how much I've removed and what I've removed once I weigh the other bits tomorrow).

    I will keep you all updated with how it goes for a bit and I am happy to answer any questions.
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    So i just realised the G4CP is the Hyundai N/A 4g63 (with high comp) lol. I want to see some pics of this in the car!
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    Compression is lower than the 1.6. 1.6 has 9.2:1 and the 2L has 9:1 and I wouldn't call that high. To me 10:1 is high.
    In a year or so I'll put the 1.6 head on the 2L with a mls headgasket or I may build a 2.4 with the 1.6 head on it.
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    Right well I have now weighed everything and here's the list so far.
    1140kg factory spec
    -15 towbar
    8.7 boot plastics, carpet and parcel shelf
    +5.5 sub woofer (had to get some sort of a sound system)
    -2.4 inner guard plastics, intake baffles and mud flaps (1 baffle in engine bay, 1 long one in guard and 1 in the air box just after maf)
    .5 plastic grill that sits behind number plate and some of the number plate support plastic (just enough cut out to lose weight but has not affected the support)
    .5 roof handles, lighter speakers in dash (less weight and better sound cant lose) and rear seat ash tray
    .3 front seat ashtray and sliding assembly
    1.7 rear seat headrests
    .4 passenger seat draw and slides
    .6 fake bumper vents (the ones for indicators on the jdm model) and air diverter (can't remember what this was but I have it written down so must be something)
    .5 sound deadening (just a small amount thats on the inside of the firewall)
    +.3 intake piping (silicone hose and alloy pipe from airbox to guard and some flexible hose that sends air from the bumper to the alloy pipe)
    -5 spoiler (looks better without and why have more downforce on the back of a fwd)
    18.2 ac system and other small bits (hoses, condenser, pump, brackets, pulley, vibration dampener on belt side engine mount, charcoal canister ad bracket ( cannister had a hole in it causing constant vac leak) transmission bracket that goes from transmission mount to intake stud and bolt)
    +.15 cup holders (grabbed them out of the sonata)
    -.9 tape player (my car still had the standard sound system. I lost the tape player and radio for a cd player I had laying around)
    +.4 aem wideband kit
    .4 catch can and hoses
    .03 alloy oil cap

    So far that a total of 47.92kg removed and thats with adding stuff in.
    I still need to weigh my fire extinguisher and bracket plus have a cat back done so I'll weigh the old exhaust and compare it with the new.
    Once I have the cat back done I'll focus on extractors and cat (cast iron body cat weighs a bit), suspension, brakes and tyres.
    I plan on making a different sub box to put it in the side of my boot and use vinyl to cover what the plastics did.

    AFR's are still what I expect and I decided to give it a run today. Spins first on take off (no surprise), starts to spin a wheel at 4500rpm then stops, shift to 2nd once I hit 6krpm and it spins a wheel, spins wheel again at 4500rpm then it chirps a wheel as I shift into 3rd then it all seems right as it pulls me along.
    I definitely need better tyres!

    Hopefully this works and the pics load.
    1st first lot of weight I removed
    2nd stereo, cup holders and wideband gauge
    3rd 2L with extra bits
    4th stock untouched engine

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    Not engine swap related.

    I am happy that my ebay purchase was another successful one.
    Recently bought some JDM corner lights and I'm glad I did as they look great.
    Used the inner headlight parks as my side ones and used leds I had in the old indicators so at least my parks are now super bright.
    I had to buy lights for the bumper so I got some clear amber coloured trailer lights to fit to the stainless steel mesh I already had fitted.

    If you see a set of the JDM lights buy them.
    I found 2 pairs on ebay at the same time and within 9 hours 1 pair was gone (the cheaper pair a little worse for wear) so I quickly bought the other pair.

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    Well I have got an update on the car.
    It is running well but needs the revised lifters due to lifter tap.
    Fuel economy I used 32L after 370Km both of those figures exact. That gives me 8.65L per 100Km. That was about 190Km on the highway and the rest around the city at night. Now the next lot I done 406Km and used 34.93L which brings me down to 8.6L per 100Km. That was the opposite trip (190Km the opposite way which has more hills at a steeper gradient plus I had with 4 wheels with tyres, gasless mig, mitre saw, ammo tin, duffle bag of clothes and a pillow, laptop, belt sander and 2 subaru mufflers) and driving around another city.
    Neither of those drives were easy driving miss daisy kind of trips. The car did get a bit of a run a few times to see how its going and to keep afr's in check.

    Now afr's are still checking out normal so good news their.

    Now the 4 wheels I mentioned earlier are for the lancer. I picked up some 15x6.5 performance wheels (never heard of them) with brand new Bridgestone RE001 tyres already on them and they only cost $180. Offset is perfect and they look good.

    The 2 subaru mufflers I mentioned are also for the lancer. With the pair, I can get the twin outlet exhaust I want and with the pair I don't limit my flow. The tips on the mufflers will also match the rear bumper cut outs.

    I also spent the day sanding and painting my roof. I didn't sand it down smooth so it still looks *poo* but a black roof is better than grey with patches of white.
    Next is to sand down the hood and hatch ready for paint. First I need to remove the badges from the hatch as well as the foam sticker *poo* they used for holding the badges and spoiler on with, remove the plugs I put in and then fibreglass the holes so I can then prep it all ready for paint.
    I'll redo the roof at some point as it looks *poo* (supposed to be gloss) but I was racing the weather. As I said it's better than grey with white patches so I'm happy with it.

    I also got another 2.5Kg out and I also gained boot space. I removed the *poo*ty little shelf that was spot welded to the hatch and I removed the rear speaker covers as they wouldn't go on with the new speakers.

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    Gear shifter in the lancer has had another great mod done.
    After a month of owning the car I put a shifter assembly out of a cc wagon in it which took the throw from 20cm down to 10cm.
    Now after a few months I have cut 8cm (at a guess) off the shaft which has obviously made the shifter sit lower (right where I want it), shortened the throw by 5 cm (was a 10cm throw and is now at 5cm) and its a lot more positive in its shifting.
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    Got a catback exhaust done. Opted for 2" pipe with a straight through muffler 1/3rd the size of the original up front just after the cat and a hotdog resonator in the back. Sounds a lot nicer and pick and response is a lot better. Also got an extra 60km to half a tank so far.

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