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  1. pLethora

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    After discussing with Donki who had originally created the first thread for this we agreed it would be best to create a new one for the information I have been working on. I have been compiling and cross refrencing information regarding brake upgrades recently and have been trying to get it to a easily read and visually appealing format to help others to choose what they want to do. I have also managed to find a great deal of info on Cast Numbers, Part Numbers etc to help with finding what is needed.

    The method I have chosen is: Wheel Size/Stud Pattern determines Rotor Size which determines which Caliper Bracket which then allows you to choose which Caliper you want.

    This seems the most logical method of choosing. However the guide of what rotors you can fit under each wheel is a guide only and I have chosen the list SAFE sizes. I know that you can fit 15" with 276mm depending on how the wheel is structured/its dimensions as well a few others.

    At the moment it is just Front Brakes and will eventually have Rear Brake information as well. I will also add in the STOCK information which donki pointed out should be in there to help with people who want that information and to also visually show how much of an upgrade it is compared to the other options. I have carefully checked a lot of the information on it with others (donki, ABrouwer, Crumble, Hugh-CE to name a few) however I will not take responsibility for any issues that arise from the information provided as its purely to help with the process and you should always measure and check before doing anything.

    I have turned commenting on the Google Drive sheet for now to see how useful that is for anyone providing extra info or filling any blanks as a trial as I am not sure how it works.

    I will also provide links from within the sheet that refrence images of each caliper and part soon.
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  2. Spetz

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    Fantastic effort Lee
  3. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Ive started updating some of the part numbers with links to images. More to come.
  4. garnget

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    Awesome work. Well done.
  5. SDate42

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    Loving how it's coming along! Could I suggest throwing in the caliper bracket spacing distance beneath the part numbers too? Also to note the CH VRX's came out in 5 stud, so these hubs/rotors are available too for anyone going 5x114.3

    Edit: CE caliper spacing is 130mm & CH is 160mm (I think). I beleive that Evo's of the same year model follow suit.
  6. pLethora

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    Well this thread is for CEs since its in the CE section :p. So naturally all brackets are 130mm.
  7. SDate42

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  8. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Happy for this tenplate to be used for others. I just havent put nuch research into the other models and up.
  9. SDate42

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    TBH I'm already working on a little search function with your info as a reference document, so that you can lock in a stud pattern, rotor size and it'll spit out all the requirements/options for you.
  10. pLethora

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    Updated with Stock info. Will be working on adding the rear stuff.
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  11. pelican

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    aww hell yes

    i have a box with a pair of trailing arms and rear disk setups off a satria which i hope was the correct one, so if you need casting numbers, dimensions, photos, etc, sing out. but with the caveat that i didn’t pull the parts myself, so i’m not fully confident that the donor car was a gen1 and not a neo, and haven’t test fitted yet
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  12. pLethora

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    Haha all good, I actually have 2 sets of rears :p Already have the info :p.

    However if what you got is from a 4 door (or if you can measure the length of the cables), i would be privvy to swapping the handbrake cables with you :).
  13. Johnzy

    Johnzy Member

    Hey just been looking at the spread sheet and notice you have ch lancer stud pattern down as 4 x 114. I belive there is a series 1 and 2 of the ch. Series 1 has 4 x 100 and series 2 has a 4 x 114 and ch vrx is 5 x 114
  14. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Hey Johnzy, yes this is all correct but the only reason why i have the 4x114 on the list is to have the option to change to that PCD if someone wanted certain rims, there is no point changing to a CG/CH Caliper Setup when the Magna/Verada brakes are better (nearly the same as EVO3 Brakes) and more accessible.
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  15. LaNcE

    LaNcE Member

    quick question, when I upgraded to the rear disc I didn't realise that the rears are from a 4 stud FTO which means ive got a 4x114 rear. As a result I do have 2 stud patterns running in the car, 4x100 / 4x114. since seeing ive got the mitsu rear trailing arm what hub / caliper can I grab to come back to 4x100??
  16. pelican

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    the protons that use the cc chassis are 4x100, and the higher spec ones came with rear discs that are compatible to ce. there’s a bunch of info about them in the previous thread that hasn’t made it to the spreadsheet yet
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  17. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Did you get the rears from the FTO yourself? Or did you buy if it from someone as I'm pretty sure no FTO ever came with a 4x PCD. The only way you would of ended up with 4x114 is from a CH most likely.
  18. LaNcE

    LaNcE Member

    nope. I got it from @stoney a few years back. Never noticed it because I had multi stud wheels, just realised what was going on when I tried to put the spare in due to a wheel being buckled!

    I am a little sure that the early fto's came in 4x114.
  19. graffire

    graffire New Member

    do the CH VRX 5-studs have the same spline as a 4-stud.
    Really need to know...
  20. Jakeyt89

    Jakeyt89 Member

    Hey guys. Just did a track day at mallala in my missus ce lancer. Ran out of brakes and would like to upgrade to something for next track day. Not sure what exactly to do.. would like to stick to 15 inch wheels as it's a budget car.

    Is the 256mm upgrade just rotors? Or do I need to change the calipers from the proton also?
    Was looking to change the rear to disc also as I feel this will massively help.

    Any advise and direction on what to do would be great.

    Thanks Jake

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