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Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by PhilX, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. PhilX

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    Can anyone tell me if the Velocity (Limited Edition) had stock ES springs or did they get vrx ones? I know some of the suspension/brake/chassis parts were used from the vrx.
    Getting my car lowered on Saturday, for a 1.5 inch drop, and I don't want to get springs that will be the around the same height if the Velocity uses vrx springs. TIA
  2. SDate42

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    From my knowledge, only the vrx has vrx suspension. You could only confirm by comparing the spring dimensions.

    Velocity is just a trim package, all late model CH’s came factory with the larger motor, black interior, and larger brakes.

    The things that seperated the VRX were the ride height, 5stud, front strut bar, rear sway bar, interior trim accents, steering wheel and body kit.
  3. wagonmaster

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    SDate42 is correct, The limited edition ES model that was released in 2007 is basically a optioned up ES with standard ES suspension, Mitsubishi loaded it up with extras like anVR-X grille, rear spoiler, leather insert on center of cloth seats, sports pedals, 15-inch alloy wheels and chrome exhaust tip, basically they wanted to booster sales of the aging CH as the new model was going to be released shortly, and it worked as the Velocity (limited edition) ran out the door as it offered great value, in other words you got all these extras for nothing, for a standard lancer ES price, surprising as it is, the last few Lancer CHs sold in Australia were plated in February 2008, I have seen 1 for sale suppose to be plated 3/08, but can’t confirm.

    The Lancer VRX was only 25mm lowered over the ES, not 30 mm, so if you are using aftermarket springs like pedders, it’s going to be lower that you current height (that’s if your springs in your car are stock) other manufactures will be lower say 36-40mm.

    If you have a ch ES wagon and want to run aftermarket springs like 30mm lowered pedders , things change again, also if you have a vrx wagon or sedan different again, pedders springs and other major manufactures only make them for sedans, none made for wagon. So when you fit them to a wagon the rear will sag lower than front due the extra weight distribution in wagons and different height settings/coil thickness from es to vrx.
    I have tested 5 different aftermarket springs on mine, including 2 sets of coil overs with varying spring rates over the years trying to find the perfect blend of comfort and handling (which of course only exists in theory) all you can do is get close, as each drivers preference of ride and handlings different.
    Because I’m old mine was reasonable comfort with good handling, hope that helps.
  4. PhilX

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    Cool. Thanks for the help.
    Mine always just seemed to be a tad lower than other es models. Maybe I'm wrong
  5. PhilX

    PhilX New Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Been told the pedders springs should give approx. 40mm drop. So it should look sweet with 17s wrapped in 215/40 rubber :rolleyes:

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